Are you facing insurmountable debt and in need of a fresh start? Have you recently experienced job loss or unexpected medical expenses? Are your wages being garnished and creditors harassing you? Whatever the reason for your financial difficulties, at Hahn Attorneys, LLP, a knowledgeable bankruptcy lawyer can assess your situation, find the best solution for you and start you on the road to financial recovery.

Hahn Attorneys, LLP is a trusted bankruptcy firm handling debt resolution cases including Chapter 7, Chapter 13 and Chapter 11 bankruptcy filings. For more than 16 years, founding partner, Kevin Hahn, has worked with creditors, debtors and trustees to solve debt related issues. Though his extensive experience representing the different parties involved in the bankruptcy process, he can assess the benefits and risks of filing bankruptcy, better than most other attorneys. Unlike many firms who will leave you to meet with paralegals, Mr. Hahn will personally meet with you and oversee your case.

Should I File for Bankruptcy?

At Hahn Attorneys, LLP, we are committed to finding the path that will be the most beneficial for your financial situation. In general, excellent candidates for bankruptcy are people who:

  • would not be able to pay off current debts within five years;
  • cannot manage paying for daily and monthly expenses;
  • are facing a home foreclosure;
  • have high amounts of unsecured debt;
  • are facing a lawsuit, judgment or wage garnishment;
  • have IRS or student loan garnishments; or
  • have a business that cannot manage its expenses.

If bankruptcy is the best option for you, Hahn Attorneys, LLP will build a strategy for you based on your specific situation. If filing bankruptcy is not in your best interest, we will find other solutions to assist you, including debt settlement plans with creditors, when necessary and applicable.

What will filing bankruptcy accomplish?

Bankruptcy is by no means a cure all, but it can be a useful tool for many who are experiencing extreme financial hardship. It will accomplish the following, among other things:

  • Cease creditor calls and harassment;
  • Stop wage garnishment;
  • Temporarily halt foreclosure and repossession;
  • Allow you to reorganize your debts;
  • Discharge unsecured debts;
  • Protect exemptible assets.

Are you a good candidate to file bankruptcy? Kevin Hahn will determine your eligibility through an assessment of your financial situation and answer questions you may have throughout your initial consultation. If bankruptcy is a good option for you, he can start the process immediately. He will guide you to the best financial relief option and the peace of mind you are looking for.

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Caroline is an excellent attorney! In my first meeting with her, I knew she would do a good job. She has excellent communication skills and is fair, honest, courteous and considerate... I am very grateful for how she fought for me and how she shared excellent points to help prove my innocence. She...


Thank you so much, Caroline! I am sober and working a 12 step program in AA. You are awesome and I appreciate all your help.


If you are looking for an attorney, who is smart, tough, but also understanding, don't hesitate to hire Caroline. Thank you, Caroline!


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