Kevin handled my personal injury case after my car accident. He was detailed and thorough in dealings with all parties involved. I could rely on him to represent me in the best way possible. Every time we reached out to him, he was always quick to respond and answer any questions I had. It's not easy to find a trustworthy attorney, so I'm thankful we found him.


I was referred to Caroline and I am happy with the referral. She was informative and always kept in communication with me. Couldn't have asked for a better lawyer to represent my case.


Thank you, Caroline! I am incredibly grateful for your brilliance and hard work in achieving this result. If I hadn't witnessed your amazing skills firsthand before this, it would be hard to believe.


Caroline Hahn is one of the best criminal attorneys in Orange County. She saved my life and the livelihood of my wife + three kids. Aside from a few parking and speeding tickets, I have never ran into trouble with the law, until a few months ago when I was arrested and facing misdemeanor charges that could have potentially ruined my life. I felt I was innocent and wanted to retain an attorney to represent me and fight on my behalf. After interviewing over a dozen attorneys, very few of them possessed ALL OF THE QUALITIES below: Solid Education -- BA, UCLA and JD, Chapman Deep Experience -- I asked her some tough legal questions on specific issues related to my situation and she was the only attorney out of a dozen+ that gave me really good advice Longstanding Relationships -- my case was going to be tried at Harbor Justice Center and Caroline demonstrated that she knew which potential judges were going to hear my case at arraignment, preliminary hearing, trial, sentencing, etc., she also knew most of the clerks. Strong Character -- Caroline is above reproach. She is trustworthy, professional and will advocate on your behalf. Affordable -- Her legal fees are not the cheapest but not expensive either. I found her fees to be fair and IMHO she is worth every penny. So, here's how it ended for me... Caroline worked her magic and the charges were dropped (never even went to trial) and my police record changed from an arrest to a detention. I would highly recommend Caroline Hahn if you run into any trouble with the law, she saved my life and she can potentially save yours too.


Caroline is such an amazing attorney. She answered all of our questions, went to court for my partner. She explained everything in detail all the time....Thank you so much Caroline for your hard work. And for helping us in this situation.


Caroline is a brilliant attorney! She helped me greatly in my case and I would recommend her for any legal problems you may have.


Caroline is a great attorney, highly recommend her. She recently helped me with a case, never had to set foot in court. Very reasonable with prices.


Caroline is an excellent attorney! In my first meeting with her, I knew she would do a good job. She has excellent communication skills and is fair, honest, courteous and considerate... I am very grateful for how she fought for me and how she shared excellent points to help prove my innocence. She laid out a thorough closing argument leading to a quick NOT GUILTY conclusion by the jury... I will forever be grateful for her services.


Thank you so much, Caroline! I am sober and working a 12 step program in AA. You are awesome and I appreciate all your help.


If you are looking for an attorney, who is smart, tough, but also understanding, don't hesitate to hire Caroline. Thank you, Caroline!


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