Fraud, Forgery, and Identity Theft

Insurance Fraud

There are different types of fraud cases you can be facing in California. You can be charged with fraud connected with automobile insurance if you claim loss of your automobile as a result of theft or accident, and there was fraud involved in the claim. You can be charged with insurance fraud if you claim injury on the job and there is fraud involved in that claim. Insurance fraud occurs when employers fail to pay into the Workers’ Compensation Fund. Business owners who frequently use independent contractors (paid out through 1099s) may be audited by the state and investigated by law enforcement if they do not claim employees and do not pay workers’ compensation insurance for them. Another form of insurance fraud is welfare fraud. Welfare fraud is alleged if you are receiving cash aid or state aid and you are not truthful in your application. For instance, if you claim you are not employed in order to receive more in welfare benefits for your family, and you are working part-time, you are at risk of facing an investigation and criminal charges. If you are contacted by an investigator or agent of law enforcement, contact the Orange County fraud attorneys at the Hahn Attorneys, LLP. Do not speak to anyone without first speaking with our office.


Forgery is signing as someone else without that person’s authorization. It also includes creating or altering a false document. For instance, you can be charged with forgery if you are involved in creating counterfeit bills or cashing a fraudulent check. Forgery can be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony. As a misdemeanor, you are facing a maximum of one year in jail. As a felony, you are facing a low term of 16 months, a middle term of two years, and a high term of three years in state prison.

Identity Theft

You can be charged with identity theft if you are in possession of, use, or try to access a credit card or identification card belonging to another person. You can be charged with this crime if you use someone else’s identity to fraudulently purchase merchandise online. If you are being investigated or charged with identity theft, contact the Hahn Attorneys, LLP immediately. Do not wait to get arrested.

Defense Tailored to Your Case

At our firm, you come first. Our fraud lawyers listen to you, learn about the events leading up to your arrest and determine a clear defense plan. Our approach is based on your needs and what options will achieve the best possible outcome.

We represent clients in Orange County and the surrounding counties who have been charged with:

  • Identity theft
  • Forgery, including check forgery
  • Fraud, including fraudulent checks or counterfeit money

Caroline R. Hahn is an experienced litigator. She knows how to effectively advocate for your best interests in court and during negotiations. She will also make sure to protect your immigration interests.

Get Representation Before It’s Too Late

Forgery charges can result from cashing a check for someone else without any intention of breaking the law. This simple mistake can result in serious consequences if you are convicted. Do not let that happen. Our criminal defense lawyers will fight to protect your future. Call 714-725-7582 or contact us online. Free consultations are available by appointment. We speak Spanish and Korean.

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Caroline is an excellent attorney! In my first meeting with her, I knew she would do a good job. She has excellent communication skills and is fair, honest, courteous and considerate... I am very grateful for how she fought for me and how she shared excellent points to help prove my innocence. She...


Thank you so much, Caroline! I am sober and working a 12 step program in AA. You are awesome and I appreciate all your help.


If you are looking for an attorney, who is smart, tough, but also understanding, don't hesitate to hire Caroline. Thank you, Caroline!


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