Theft Cases

We are able to help you if you have been charged with a theft related case. Our Orange County criminal attorneys can help with petty theft, grand theft, commercial burglary, shoplifting, robbery, and embezzlement cases.

Petty Theft, Grand Theft, and Shoplifting

If you are apprehended by a loss prevention officer at a retail store for taking merchandise, you will be charged with shoplifting or petty theft. You will most likely receive a citation that notifies you of the date you have to appear in court for your arraignment. If you have no record and this is your first offense, there is a good chance you will be offered some form of diversion. Diversion gives you an opportunity to earn a dismissal.

If the value of the stolen goods is less than $50, the prosecutor can charge it as a misdemeanor or an infraction, which is a ticket and punishable by a fine less than $250.

A misdemeanor petty theft charge carries a maximum jail commitment of six months. If the amount of merchandise is greater than $950, you will be charged with grand theft. A misdemeanor grand theft carries a maximum jail commitment of one year. A felony grand theft is punishable by 16 months state prison for the low term, 2 years state prison for the middle term, and 3 years state prison for the high term. Be sure to contact an Orange County theft attorney for help.


Embezzlement is the fraudulent appropriation of property by a person to whom it has been entrusted. For instance, if you are an employee of a company and you are accused of stealing funds from that company, you can be charged with embezzlement. Embezzlement can be charged as a misdemeanor if the amount stolen is less than $950, or a felony if the amount is greater than $950.


Robbery is a very serious felony and a strike under California law. Robbery occurs when you have a combination of a taking of property belonging to another and do so with force or fear. An Estes robbery is a theft that is usually met with a struggle or altercation with the security officer of the store as you are trying to exit with the stolen merchandise. You may not intend to commit a robbery when entering the store. You may not even have a weapon on you. But you may be charged with a robbery if you exit the store and are involved in a scuffle with a store employee as you are trying to flee with the merchandise.

Immigration Consequences

A theft crime is a crime of moral turpitude for immigration purposes. If you are a legal permanent resident (holder of a green card), and you are eligible for naturalization (applying for your citizenship), a theft conviction will prevent you from becoming a U.S. citizen. Caroline R. Hahn has experience navigating both the criminal and immigration issues in your case. She will ensure your rights are protected and that you receive the best representation possible.

You can face many challenges if you have a criminal conviction on your record. Challenges can include finding employment and housing and harming your reputation. Our Orange County criminal lawyers can help you face these challenges head on.

Our firm represents individuals in Orange County and surrounding areas charged with:

  • Embezzlement
  • Robbery
  • Grand theft
  • Petty theft
  • Burglary

An Experienced Lawyer on Your Side

Caroline R. Hahn is a skilled litigator and an experienced negotiator. She knows how to work with prosecutors to find a positive resolution in your case.

We care about you, and provide ethical and reputable representation. Any type of criminal charge can ruin your future. We know what is at stake and the importance of fighting back against these charges right away.

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